Five asteroids — including one as big as a house and another as big as a plane — are expected to pass Earth this week, according to NASA. 

NASA’s Asteroid Watch dashboard anticipates the five asteroids to fly by Earth between Wednesday and Sunday. 

The house-sized asteroid, named JA5 and nearly 60 feet in length, will be the first, coming approximately within 3.17 million miles of Earth. It was first observed in 2021. 


The next two asteroids, the plane-sized QC5 and the bus-sized GE, will fly past Earth on Friday. QC5 measures approximately 83 feet in size, and will fly within 2.53 million miles of Earth. GE is approximately 26 feet, and will be observed some 3.56 million miles from Earth. 

The next two asteroids, QE8 and QF6, are expected to fly past Earth on Sunday. QE8 is approximately 170 feet in length and will be the closest to Earth at 946,000 miles. QF6 measures just under 70 feet in length and will fly within 1.65 million miles from Earth. 

NASA’s displays the next five Earth approaches to within 4.6 million miles. An object larger than 492 feet is deemed “potentially” hazardous, yet none of the asteroids expected this week come close to that measurement.