It may be true that the Philadelphia Eagles are the best team in the NFL right now. But Dallas Cowboys fans likely don’t want to hear one of their stars saying so. 

All-Pro edge rusher Micah Parsons broke down his NFL power rankings after Week 7 on his “The Edge with Micah Parsons” podcast, and he explained why he had the Eagles at No. 1.

For context, the Eagles are large rivals of the Cowboys in the NFC East.


“They’re very special,” Parsons repeated on multiple occasions while looking at all facets of the team. 

“No. 1 would have to be the Philadelphia Eagles. No one has stopped the ‘tush push’ yet. DeVonta Smith could be A.J. Brown’s No. 1 receiver. Jason Kelce Hall of Famer. Lane Johnson will be a Hall of Famer.”

Parsons also touched on the defensive side of the ball for the Eagles. 

“Their DB core, Darius Slay, crazy talent,” Parsons began. “James Bradberry. And I know you saw the trade, Kevin Byard. Very special to see. Obviously, I know I was highlighting Jalen Carter before. He even got to Philly. I don’t even know how he fell to them.”


“It’s very special to see what they’ve done, and they still have [Haasan] Reddick. They still have [Josh] Sweat. I don’t believe they have any weaknesses.”

Cowboys fans might feel some type of way about Parsons’ comments, but he is saying what many others have about the Eagles. Much like last season, Philadelphia is at the top of the NFC, owning a 6-1 record, which only the Kansas City Chiefs can say they have after Week 7. 

Their latest win came against a fellow 5-1 squad entering Sunday – the Miami Dolphins – and the Eagles won it pretty emphatically with a 31-17 domination on their home field. 

Parsons mentioned what the Eagles have perfected compared to the rest of the league: the “tush push.” The short-yardage play, in which quarterback Jalen Hurts is pushed from behind for first downs and touchdowns, has been demoralizing for Eagles opponents and the Dolphins were the latest to feel that on Sunday. 

The Eagles do have it all on both sides of the ball, and after GM Howie Roseman executed a trade for All-Pro safety Kevin Byard to bolster the team’s secondary, they’re primed to make another Super Bowl run. 

The Cowboys, though, sit at 4-2 to start the season and are certainly in the mix for the playoffs. One of the main reasons why is Parsons and his defensive teammates that have been one of the top units in the league this season. 

That’s why fans might not want Parsons to admit that the Eagles are the class of the NFC, even if it might be true. 

The latest chapter of this storied rivalry hasn’t been seen yet in 2023, but Week 9 will change that when the Eagles host the Cowboys on Nov. 5.