Westchester County District Attorney Miriam E. Rocah confirmed Saturday evening that six local law enforcement leaders are among a 32-member New York delegation “that traveled to Israel Oct. 5″ for a training and are awaiting evacuation in the country.

“A deputy chief investigator from our office is one of six law enforcement leaders from Westchester County among a 32-member New York delegation that traveled to Israel Oct. 5 for an international counterterrorism and antisemitism training,” Rocah said. “I am in communication with our deputy chief who informed me that though the delegation is close to the Gaza Strip, they are sheltering in a safe location and every effort is underway for their safe return to New York.”


“While I am personally overcome with emotions about the devastation unfolding in Israel, I share in the gratitude I hear from our colleagues about their well-being and protection during their evacuation despite wanting to stay for their week-long training,” she added.

In a statement to CBS News, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul outlined her focus on getting stranded New Yorkers out of Israel.

Asked whether she knows how many New Yorkers are stranded in the country, Hochul told the outlet, “We’re trying to get a headcount on that. We’ve been in communication with the embassies, the State Department. I’ve been in personal conversations with many New Yorkers who are in Israel right now, some in Tel Aviv, which is under attack as we speak. Jerusalem is a little bit quieter right now, at least for the time being, so we’re really getting real-time reports from people, but there’s no flights in or out. So we’re talking about how we can get New Yorkers back safely.”

“The reports are absolutely scary and frightening and devastating,” Hochul added. “People are stranded. People have been in shelters. People have been within a block or two of an explosion, and there’s just real fear and terror reigning through the community.”