The United States Grand Prix is this weekend, and it is by far the Stars And Stripes-iest race on the calendar. Look no further than some of the specialty liveries that will be hitting the track in Austin.

While the United States Grand Prix is one of three Formula 1 races in the US this year, it’s the one that is soaked in the most sweet, sweet Americana.

The Miami Grand Prix is all about the beach and Miami Vice colors. The Las Vegas Grand Prix celebrates the flashiness of Sin City. 


The United States Grand Prix is all about red, white, and blue, baby.

The track itself at Circuit of the Americas is bedecked in Stars and Stripes while a giant American flag presides over the circuit. This year, several teams are adding to the U.S. patriotism with some liveries that celebrate the greatest nation on Earth.

Although it seems like they copied each other’s homework a little bit…

The first team to unveil their special U.S. livery was — fittingly enough — the only American team on the grid (for now), Haas.


The team showed off its special livery in the most fitting place possible: on the track at COTA.

It’s more or less Haas‘ usual livery with some splashes of stars and stripes on the sides all along the car. In all honesty, I think it looks pretty good.

I think it could have been improved by swapping the usual black for some United States blue, but that means adding some paint, and paint means extra weight.

Anyway, it’s a fitting livery for the only American team to use stateside.

The champs, Red Bull Racing, wanted in on the festivities too and unveiled their own USA-styled livery. In typically Red Bull fashion they revealed it in a very flashy way via helicopter.

You can tell they already locked up both championships, because any other team wouldn’t risk dropping one of their cars from a helicopter somewhere in the greater Austin area.

Sort of like Haas, Red Bull took their usual livery and overlayed some Stars and Stripes. The team says this one-off look was designed by fans (which is either cool or an attempt at passing the buck if its poorly received. It looks good, but not great. I would’ve liked to see the RB19 completely recolored for the occasion. However, I get why the team would want to leave its traditional branding in tact.

These liveries will be a sight to behold tearing around the circuit, even if the championship race is over.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t still battles up and down the grid that will be worth keeping an eye on. Plus, the United States Grand Prix usually offers some interesting moments.

Not only on track, but on the grid and on the podium as well.