Bill Bidwill Jr., the former Arizona Cardinals executive who is brother of current owner Michael Bidwill, was seen covered in blood after being struck “a hundred times” by his wife during a June 9 domestic incident at his home, which can be seen on bodycam footage. 

Bidwill was found by authorities outside his home in Paradise Valley, Arizona, bleeding after the altercation with his wife, Nicole. He said it began because she was unhappy he was not home for a carpet installation. 

“I’m sitting on the couch, and she’s screaming at me,” Bidwill can be heard saying in the bodycam footage. “And I was trying to not escalate because she has a very bad temper. 


“And then she started hitting me, and I just started defending myself.”

Bidwill said he was struck in the head by a glass of beer during the incident. He also mentioned she hit him with something else in the head area, though he was not sure what it was. 


Bidwill went on to say that he tried to leave the house, but his wife was grabbing his shirt and would not let go. He admitted striking her arms to try to get her off of him. 

The officer questioning Bidwill informed him that he had to arrest her at the home because it was a domestic violence situation where assault would be charged based on the story that he gave. Bidwill, however, did not want his wife arrested because “she is not going to tolerate that well.”

“Can you do me a favor? Can you arrest me instead?” Bidwill added. 

In a separate bodycam video, Nicole Bidwill can be seen on the hood of a vehicle in the driveway, and officers had to carry her to the squad car after placing her in handcuffs despite multiple requests to have her walk. 

Bidwill Jr., the son of father Bill Bidwill Sr. who owned the Cardinals from 1962 to 2019 when he passed away at 88, previously served as vice president of the franchise while his father was in place. Now, Michael Bidwill owns the team with Bidwill Jr. no longer involved in the organization. 

Nicole Bidwill also is not involved in the organization.