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What’s happening:

– Hunt continues for Maine shooting suspect. Get the latest updates on the search and the tragedy.

– Jews in New York City warned to avoid ‘Flood Brooklyn for Gaza’ protest. Follow Fox News for the latest updates on the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Speaker Mike Johnson has major challenges: threading the needle with Ukraine aid, support for Israel and securing the southern border all while trying to reduce spending ahead of the Nov. 17 budget deadline. But all those issues involve his primary challenge of managing a chaotic Republican caucus while the partisan divide with Democrats is as wide as ever …Read more

AGAINST THE ODDS: Johnson ends Congressional paralysis despite McCarthy meddling, sources say …Read more

PROTECTING THE MAJORITY: New Speaker Johnson has big fundraising shoes to fill …Read more

GOP SENATORS DEFY BIDEN: GOP lawmakers introduce their own supplemental package with only Israel aid …Read more

GUILTY: ‘Squad’ Dem takes plea deal for illegally pulling House office building fire alarm …Read more

CALLED OUT: Student group projects antisemitic messages on GWU buildings …Read more

GOP SENATORS DEFY BIDEN: GOP lawmakers introduce their own supplemental package with only Israel aid …Read more

UNRELIABLE SOURCE: CNN forced to issue correction after pushing Hamas hospital narrative …Read more

‘DEHUMANIZING’ REMARK: CAIR slams Biden remarks on Palestinian civilian deaths …Read more

DISAPPOINTING: Retired Army legal expert blasts AOC’s accusations against Israel for committing war crimes …Read more

‘DESPICABLE ACT’: GOP lawmaker says pro-Israel sign vandalized at DC office …Read more

ODD ALLIES: ACLU backs Trump in fight against DC judge’s gag order …Read more

‘CHANGE AMERICA NEEDS’: RFK’s long history of praising Hillary Clinton resurfaces during Independent WH run …Read more

TRUMP ON TRIAL: Trump in court with Cohen again amid trial stemming from NYAG lawsuitt …Read more

NEW MOVE: Former Rep swaps one race for another …Read more

‘WITHOUT A DOUBT’: Joe Rogan claims the country was better off under Trump …Read more

PRIMARY CONCERN: James Carville says it’s ‘ludicrous’ for Democrats to avoid debating Biden’s fitness for office …Read more

‘EMBARRASSING’: Republican governor under fire for pushing green policies, warning about ‘warming planet ‘…Read more

‘LIMITED’: Ex-US attorney said he was ‘limited’ in his investigation into Biden-Ukraine dealings …Read more

BENCHED: Hunter Biden nowhere to be found on state dinner guest list after backlash …Read more

RUNNING LOW: Biden admin moves to curb West’s water supply by nearly a trillion gallons …Read more

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