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What’s Happening? 

– Expect more Epstein documents to drop…

– Biden mocked over migrant crisis comments

– Haley won’t rule out being Trump’s Vice President

A federal court in New York unsealed dozens of documents relating to sex trafficker and disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein. Here are five takeaways from the release: 

1. ‘He likes them young’ – Epstein allegedly talked about former President Clinton’s tastes

2. Bounties for disproof – In a typo-filled email to Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein offered a “reward” for any of Virginia Giuffre friends and family who could disprove Giuffre’s allegations

3. Dinner and a show – one alleged victim described David Copperfield, who was himself once accused of sexually assaulting a teen model, as a friend of Epstein who performed at the financier’s home

4. Royal connections – she also alleged that Prince Andrew groped her while she was sitting in his lap with a Prince Andrew puppet

5. Trumped – Epstein once said he’d call up Donald Trump (before he was president) when his flight had to be rerouted to Atlantic City because it couldn’t land in New York, according to court testimony

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