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What’s Happening? 

– More big names revealed in Epstein court docs 

– Fox News hosts town hall with DeSantis in Iowa

– Gov. Newsom declares special election to replace Kevin McCarthy

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin went into the ICU on Jan. 1, but the White House, Congress and the rest of the world did find out until days later — while the cabinet member was still in intensive care. 

Now, Austin has announced that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer — another detail that the White House didn’t know about. What he initially referred to as an elective procedure was actually a prostatectomy he had last month, which led to complications. 

The White House on Tuesday said the way the whole situation, and the president being in the dark about his own secretary of defense’s medical condition, was “not optimal.” Still, the White House is standing by Austin.

The Pentagon said Monday that Austin’s chief of staff was sick with the flu, which led to the breakdown in communication. There are mounting calls for Austin’s ouster.

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