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What’s happening:

House continues voting on a speaker after two failed votes for GOP nominee Jim Jordan. Get the latest updates on the House speaker race from Fox News’ live blog

President Biden returns from a brief visit to Israel amid the war with Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. Get the latest updates on the conflict on Fox News

– Pro-Palestinian demonstrators occupy congressional offices on Capitol Hill, calling for ceasefire …WATCH

House Oversight chairman Rep. Jim Jordan lost his second vote for the speaker’s chair Wednesday, but he is ready to try again. All House Democrats and 22 Republicans voted against Jordan’s bid for speaker on Wednesday. That’s two more GOP lawmakers than who voted against Jordan on Tuesday …Read more

On Thursday the House is expected to hold a third vote on the floor. It’s unclear whether Jordan’s support will change enough to get him the gavel — Hill sources are saying Jordan will need more time.

SPEAKER MCHENRY? Effort to embolden McCarthy ally gains steam in chaotic speaker race …Read more

‘POSTER CHILD OF MAGA EXTREMISM’: Jeffries blasts Jordan after failed speaker vote while calling for bipartisan path forward …Read more

FOLLOW THE MONEY: Biden receives massive influx of donations from George Soros and other billionaires, records show …Read more

DO NOT TRAVEL: State Department advises Americans to stay away from Lebanon, amid fears of war at Israel’s northern border …Read more

‘BE CREDIBLE’: Senate GOP seeks to tie Israel funding to border security …Read more

INTERNAL INSIGHT: Biden says Israel not to blame for Gaza hospital blast …Read more

‘ZERO TOLERANCE’: Florida AG wants crackdown on anti-Jewish attacks on campus …Read more

ACTIVIST ARRESTED: Greta Thunberg taken into custody during London protest …Read more

‘DE FACTO BAN’: Biden under pressure from all sides to walk back EV mandates …Read more

GHOST-US: Supreme Court allows Biden’s ghost gun rule to take effect …Read more

MR. WORLDWIDE: Swalwell campaign spends big on luxury hotels, international travel …Read more

TRUMP CARD: Ramaswamy’s main rival for the ‘America First’ vote is Trump himself …Read more

MISSED DEADLINE: Rumored Dem Biden challenger won’t appear on key primary ballot …Read more

‘STAND UP AND FIGHT’: DeSantis campaign launches 4th major coalition …Read more

READ THE CONSTITUTION: Adam Schiff fact-checked over incorrect electoral claims …Read more

HOW BOUT THEM APPLES: Canadian Conservative Party leader harangues journalist while munching on fruit …Read more

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