A single college football game remains on this year’s schedule, but many coaches, players and fans have been looking off the field to see all the happenings within the transfer portal – a part of college football that has evolved tremendously. 

For some, though, the transfer portal – even college football as a whole – does not have the proper structure right now. NIL deals play a major role in this, as the sport has turned into a pay-for-play situation much like professional sports. 

Whoever is offering the most money can land highly ranked prospects and proven talents in college with no restrictions on transferring. 


Allison Williams, a veteran college football reporter for Fox Sports, believes something must be done about this. 

“We need a commissioner, not me, but we need a commissioner in college football. The sport is too big,” she said on OutKick’s “Don’t @ Me with Dan Dakich.” “There’s too much on the line. There’s too many self-serving parties in this thing right now. We got to get a hold on this thing because it’s in a messy, bad place right now if we’re being honest.”

The college football bowl season, which just came to an end this past weekend, is a prime example of how the transfer portal affects play on the field. Teams like Florida State, who was blown out by Georgia, and Ohio State, who lost to Missouri, were missing key players on both sides of the ball. 

Even Oklahoma played without their starting quarterback, Dillon Gabriel, who transferred to Oregon for next season. 


“What’s going on with bowl games? Kids not playing. That Florida State game, Ohio State – those aren’t those teams. What does that represent? How is that good for the game?” Williams said. 

“Yes, we’ve had some great moments, and I’m not saying it’s all bad. But college football needs to get a hold of itself. They need a commissioner, they need leadership, they need unity. I hate what’s happened with the realignment, I hate what’s happening with the transfer portal. I’m not saying players shouldn’t transfer, but we need restrictions, we need guard rails, we need a little more oversight with all the NIL stuff and how it’s turned into a pay-for-play.

“We need an overhaul, and it needs to happen soon because, otherwise, I think some of the emerging powers and established powers in college football are going to have their way, and I don’t think it’s the long-term game we love and the components we love about it.”

Williams suggested a “governing body” be formed that is outside the NCAA, which she called a “s—show.”

The sport is evolving, and many have given their opinion on the matter. 

However, until there are restrictions in place, or even a governing body to make those restrictions, Williams and the rest of college football lovers will watch the free-for-all take place, as players shift through the portal and play for what is becoming the highest bidder.