I love it. I love you. All right. That’s it. Calm down. All right. So let’s admit, America is a very lucky country. We got Chick-fil-A and we got Shannon Bream. I’m not sure which one is more religious. And you know what else we’ve got? Two big oceans. Three, if you count Canada. But the Atlantic and Pacific are like giant moats against many of the world’s worst people. You know, Kim Jong-Un, Iran, Abba. Let’s call it ocean privilege. Eight years ago, a brilliant and handsome commentator who many hoped would become president for life called it just that. 

FLASHBACK OF GREG GUTFELD: Our ocean privilege, coupled with a society immersed in a leisure-driven coma, makes defending our exceptionalism against evil so old. This lucky complacency found in our media, our government and our campus has blossomed into a potent disdain for America’s good. 


Well, thank you, Captain Yummy. The camera loves my face the same way Joy Behar loves a tub of hot lard. Now, that was from eight years ago. And unlike Joe Biden, that’s aged like a fine wine, not an already cut avocado, but with a few awful exceptions, like 9/11 and Pearl Harbor and the Dave Matthews Band, America’s ocean privilege has kept the world at bay. However, now it’s allowed generations of idiots to get softer than Jerry Nadler’s jogging bra. Having that buffer allowed us to forget how tough it was to become the world’s leading nation. But three things are shrinking those oceans, and we better wake up to it. Guess what? None of them are climate change or white supremacy. 

The first is social media, which collapses borders between us and foreign radical ideologies. It’s not just about eating Tide pods and creepy fans sharing pictures of my feet, though I appreciate it. It’s a toxic mind virus that has one side deeming the other as subhuman. Now, before social media, when some of the world’s major crazies decided to spread their views here, they had to get on a boat. Now they just get on Facebook or get retweeted by John Cusack. The Nazis tried it in the 1930s with something called the German-American Bund. Thankfully, this pro-Nazi agenda went over about as well as Dylan Mulvaney doing Hammer Girls. In the 1950s, the Soviets tried to create what Stalin called useful idiots here by funding the Communist Party of America. ABC does the same thing now by funding these idiots. Today, however, social media reaches our most vulnerable, our young and stupid, who end up believing that some of the worst ideas in the world will make the world better. Many end up voting for the worst kind of idiots leading to open borders, an end to cash bail and repeat criminals running the streets. 

There’s little we can do to stop it and so it leads to the second thing – shrinking our ocean privilege. The homegrown hate we see now on our streets. They see us as oppressors while condemning the freedoms that let them proclaim our destruction. This was on full display in the People’s Republic of Brooklyn over the weekend when a large pro-Hamas crowd rioted against the NYPD. This isn’t a fervent defense of a people. It’s a fervent attack on us while defending ghouls who beheaded babies. And what brave protesters, huh? They want to fight with cops who know they will be restrained. But I don’t see too many rioters buying tickets to fight in Gaza. They’re probably worried one of their own will try to hijack the plane. The same goes for those useful idiots drawing swastikas on campus buildings and demanding that Palestine be free from the river to the sea. I guess they mean the Hudson to the Atlantic, but thanks to their Marxist college educations, they probably can’t find either on a map. 


But in other words, wipe out Israel and in time, America while we stay here comfortable at Harvard. Of course, it’s not just social media spreading this. According to a Gallup poll from earlier this year, Dems now support the Palestinians over Israel 49 to 38%. And by looking at how the media embraces hoaxes like the hospital bombing, expect that number to be higher than Hunter in a whorehouse. 

The media talks a lot about hate speech, but somehow don’t see their own role in Nazi insignias on campus, Soviet-style socialism from the Squad and now Islamo terrorism from Hamas. And of course, the last thing shrinking our ocean privilege is Biden’s border, which adds opportunities for importing foreign-born radicals. He’s turned what’s left of this country into a terror magnet. They’re flocking to this country like they saw an online ad for promiscuous sheep. It’s as if we just haven’t created enough radical haters ourselves through the academic activist machine. The latest number is 169 illegal immigrants stopped at the southern border who were on the terror watch list, which is higher than the last six years combined. Apparently, under Biden, everything bad goes up. Gas prices, food prices, war, inflation, crime, Pelosi’s eyebrows. 

So as we attempt to tamp down terrorism on the other side of the world, we’re importing it here. I guess it’s just a lot easier to be a terrorist here. Instead of prison, you get tenure. But locally growing our terror makes about as much sense as capping clean oil wells in America so we can buy dirty oil from Venezuela. The unspeakable truth here is that we are failing the two-step process to ensure our own survival. Three if you count the way Biden walks. Through suicidal ideology and immigration policies, we’re going from the leading bastion of freedom and power in the world to just another country led by an out-of-touch old man. An old man listening to naive advisors who shrunk the Rio Grande, shrunk the Strategic Oil Reserve and are now shrinking two entire oceans. 

What is it with oceans and shrinkage anyway? You know, between the media, the Dems, Biden and the rest of our woke geniuses, I’m not sure two oceans is enough. Maybe Elon’s right about hitting up a new planet. If America was the last hope, and it’s fading, Mars is looking pretty good right about now.

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