You’re all coming home with me. Happy Wednesday, everyone. So in the beginning, America was a pretty great place. People banded together, created laws to keep everyone safe and you know what? It worked, turns out that if you build a country with borders, a military and a well-regulated law enforcement, prosperity won’t be far behind, but you know what comes after that, don’t you? Complacency. A false sense of security, then decline followed by destruction. Because when the simplest of minds don’t have to worry about barbarians at the gates, they start to develop something called luxury beliefs. You know, beliefs unconnected to reality, the belief that the bad guys are actually good guys and to disagree with that makes us the bad guys because we’re the oppressors who keep thugs from enjoying fun stuff like theft and violence and drug abuse and street pooping, also known as a walking tour of San Francisco. But the saddest thing about luxury beliefs is not how naive they are, it’s that they can kill literally. 


Last week in Philly, a left wing activist named [Josh] Kruger was brutally murdered in his own home. On Twitter and in print, previously however, Kruger had downplayed the violence gripping Philly and so many of America’s cities. Do I think Krueger deserved to be murdered? Of course not. What happened to him is a tragedy. I hope they catch the scumbag who did it. I don’t envy Philly police who are already dealing with muggers, dealers and Eagles fans. 

Then in Brooklyn, New York, another left wing activist and his girlfriend happened to cross what is commonly known as a New York street crazy. All of these street crazies are scary, some of them are more than that. Ryan Carson was stabbed to death for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. This is the part where I might tell a joke, but there’s nothing funny about Ryan Carson’s death. He was likely told over the course of his adult life that believing that some people are dangerous, crazy or just evil, that’s a terrible prejudice. Unfortunately, the people who sold him that idea, usually progressive professors, they weren’t around to help him that night and if they were, I doubt they would have jumped in because liberal professors aren’t really known for their brass balls. 

Remember the anti-police activist who was carjacked in her own driveway? Talk about convenient as far as carjackings go. It was a short walk home, but she discovered something else about luxury beliefs, they’ll get your luxury car stolen. In the end, progressive beliefs are like peacock feathers. They’re all for show, and they attract predators. If you recall, she posted on Facebook the next day, “These criminals will not win. We need to take back our city.” Well, let me translate that for you. I’ve been an idiot, and I’m joining the NRA. 


Yeah, you can clap. Slowing me down. She backs the blue now that she’s black and blue. 

Things are getting so bad in our cities, even that Bible of luxury beliefs, the New York Times, is starting to lose faith. Last week, they wrote that America’s downtowns are now spiraling from one crisis to the next as spiking rates of homelessness, drug ODs, violent crime and psychosis threaten to overwhelm the public safety once considered basic to the country’s major cities. Wow. It looks like there’s one writer whose BLM T-shirt didn’t save him from a mugging. I hope his biggest problem now is how to get that Biden-Harris bumper sticker off his Audi. But of course, some true believers refuse to wake up. In Chattanooga, a father of three was murdered by a guy with 66 prior arrests, but what’s the city’s mayor calling it, a senseless act of gun violence. Yeah, it was senseless all right. It’s senseless that this predator was still on the streets, and mayor that’s not gun violence, that’s criminal behavior sanctioned by the blind faith of an activist who holds political office. 

Now, we all know that in the church of luxury beliefs, the high priests are the Washington Dems. They don’t just preach this stuff, they enforce it and unknowingly put their own lives at risk, which is one way of getting them out of office. So you think that when reality reaches one of them, their pals might start to question a bit? Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar just had a gun shoved in his face by three young carjackers who, by the way, remain at large. I hate that phrase, remain at large, if they’re so large, they should be easy to find. Of course, carjackings in our nation’s capital are up 106%. The only deterrent is the traffic. When asked about it by Peter Doocy, White House flack Karine Jean-Pierre had this reassuring response.


PETER DOOCY: So if President Biden’s policies are helping bring crime down, would he be comfortable with somebody borrowing his Corvette and parking it on the street overnight in southeast D.C.?

KARINE JEAN-PIERRE: I’m not going to get into hypotheticals. I’m just going to get into the facts about what this president has done.

PETER DOOCY: If a member of Congress is not safe on the streets of the nation’s capital, who is?

KARINE JEAN-PIERRE: Look, we’re grateful and relieved that the congressman is unharmed. We understand what communities are going through across the country, not just in D.C…. There’s always going to be more work to be done.

Great answers. She’s the Baghdad Bob of the Beltway. She always says there’s more work to do about everything, meaning we’ve done nothing about it, but we’ll get to it after we paint the White House like a rainbow. So while the Dems ignore all this, the rest of us aren’t. Look at our nation’s retailers, if you want to know where not to move to, just look where Target is closing stores. It’s ironic that a store called Target has to close because of violence. Seattle, S.F., Oakland, Portland, New York, a closed to target is like a waved white flag. You win, scum. 

Look, the Dems could only outrun reality for so long. Especially if you’re built like this. And while the Republicans have their faults, at least they live in the real world, and it’s a world that recognizes that luxury beliefs are more than dumb, they’re fatal. So will things finally change when progressives realize what’s killing them, it’s progressivism. For the progressive filter denies reality and instructs you to throw caution to the wind since caution is discriminatory and therefore racist. Crossing the street to avoid a gang of thugs that makes you a bigot, you should risk getting stabbed just to show that you’re an ally. The fact is, we saw this ahead of time and what did the libs say?

CNN: You listen to conservative media, you would think that, you know, entire cities are just, you know, embroiled in fights and fires and whatever. We went out, had a great dinner in New York City tonight.

You know, both those clowns are gone, but their legacy of misery rages on. The fact is, social justice should come with a warning label: Caution, believing in this tripe will only get you murdered.

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