So, imagine you’re on a subway and some wild man strikes your wife in the face. Before you can react, a bunch of activists jumps between you and the attacker to keep you from protecting her. In fact, they’re screaming that it’s your fault. How would you feel? Pretty much like Israel. Here in America, as war rages, our nation’s caring progressives aren’t being asked to do anything much. All they do is the easy stuff. They protest from afar. Over the weekend, 7000 progressives took to the streets in the People’s Republic of Brooklyn, shutting down the bridge. True, during those hours, there wasn’t a barista or women’s studies professor left anywhere in town. And really, it’s a wonder we still have an obesity problem in this country with all the marching they do. The marchers carried banners like “Honor the Martyrs” and “From the River to the Sea,” a phrase which advocates the complete eradication of Israel. It’s either that or the condition of Joe Biden’s Depends after three iced teas. I know. I felt bad about that. Protected by the same cops they were likely throwing things at during George Floyd’s Summer of Love two years ago, these brave weekend warriors banged drums and Instagrammed every moment of Saturday afternoon’s fight against the man. 


Yes, the man. It’s the only time where that pronoun is acceptable. But walking in the street screaming, “cease-fire now” is no great imposition, especially when you’re not the one getting fired on. Like those young people in the desert. It’s like lecturing someone who’s been doused in kerosene about the dangers of secondhand smoke. Even better, after this display of compassion, you’ll be back to your PlayStation in no time. Of course, protesting here solves nothing. Quite the opposite. For the protests here enable other people over there to do even more harm than they’ve already done. It’s why your simplistic worldview of standing with the oppressed is completely invalid. You don’t really stand with the oppressed. You’re marching for extra credit and you aren’t sacrificing a thing. Instead, you’re adding to the mayhem through approval. Because while you protest, others who are actually in harms way will have to sacrifice. 

There’s a compulsory military draft in Israel for a reason because the bullets and bombs they face aren’t on a video screen. They’re real. So you can protest against them, but you’re protesting against their survival at no cost to you. And oddly, you don’t protest other things. Like, for example, the Ukraine war. Funny how no one shuts down the Brooklyn Bridge over that. In Russia, louts even stormed an Israeli flight, but not a Ukrainian one. They demanded to know who were the Jews and it wasn’t to invite them to next year’s Rosh Hashanah Seder. I don’t even know if I said that right. Catholic school. Hundreds of thousands are already dead in Russia’s expansionist war on Ukraine, and America is paying for it in billions and billions of tax money. So where’s the campus outrage over that? Hell, misgendering a 50 year old man dressed in a tutu will get these idiots more pissed off. 

So what’s the difference? Could it be a pigment problem? If only white people die who gives a s***. And so the crazy man on the subway gets a free shot at your wife because she’s not an approved, marginalized group with the proper skin color. And that’s the mechanism which chooses for the gullible and lazy protester which side they should be on. If you default automatically to oppressed versus oppressor, you end up protesting a potential war following an unspeakable atrocity as opposed to a wasteful war that you’ve been paying for. Well, that we’ve been paying for, not those deadbeats who are protesting. So if you’re out there in the perfect autumn weather, screaming phrases like “by any means necessary,” maybe you should get off the bridge, take off the checkered headscarf, and ask yourself this – Is clinging to the white oppressor mindset, really leading to good decisions? When it leads you to side with a pre-modern terrorist group that beheads babies, a group that wouldn’t tolerate your beloved multiculturalism for a nanosecond; that treats women like property and gays like monsters. I don’t see too many rainbow flags in Palestine, do you? 

So do you really want Hamas as an ally over the Mideast, only genuinely develop a pluralistic society? In other words, do you really hate Western civilization and hate yourself that much? All these protests this weekend would have been braver on October 6th, warning Hamas against violence. But that’s like warning the View against donuts. They also would have been braver on October 8th, condemning Hamas after the atrocities, but weeks later, safely protected by a tolerant society they hate. All this was just detached, performative passion bought and paid for. That only preserves a terror sect and does nothing for the cause of peace. They’re screaming so violently about it, but they don’t mean it. 


The American system is and was an experiment in the concept of live and let live. Its actual diversity, not the one you always hear about. That’s about as fake as Dylan Mulvaney’s tits. But now we see the tools to sustain the experiment are being smashed. Why is Israel hated? Because compared to the rest of the Middle East, it looks a lot like us. It looks like a Western civilization that a few coddled college professors have convinced half the electorate needs to be destroyed because it’s institutionally racist. Turns out the river to this sea isn’t just the Jordan River to the Mediterranean, it’s the Mississippi to the Atlantic and Pacific as well. 

But Israel is something we’re also not. It’s cohesive. So, as they fight side by side, we end up turning on ourselves. Thanks to the oppressed mindset, we aren’t capable of understanding what Israel is fighting for – their very existence. Because we’re here too busy fighting us. 

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