Raise your hand if you scooped up some tech for yourself during the holiday sales madness. It’s a great time to score a deal, but I bet you’re also slammed with work and family obligations.

Don’t just set it and forget it with your new gear. (Hackers and scammers are hoping you do, of course.) Take a few minutes to secure it. You’ll be glad you did.

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Keep your location yours alone

Devices that travel with us (think phones, tablets and laptops) know exactly where we are located — and many companies package and sell that data off. While it’s tough (or just really inconvenient) to stop all location tracking, you should take a good hard look at what gets access to where you are.

On Apple gear, there’s a hidden map

Apple keeps track of where you go and how often you visit. It can then make suggestions based on what it calls Significant Locations. You might see these as calendar events or map directions alerts.

Sure, it’s helpful, but not everyone likes it. You can clear this list.

No thanks: More defaults tech companies don’t want you to change


Get up to date

Depending on how long your new device sat on a shelf or in a warehouse, it might need an update or two. Pop into the settings and look for any software or firmware updates. Sometimes there are a couple in a row.

After that, set a reminder or pick a day to check each of your devices monthly. It only takes a few minutes, but it could save you a huge hassle down the line. Wherever you can, enable automatic updates, so you have one less thing to remember.

Take time to register

Do you register your new tech with the manufacturer? It takes a few minutes, but it’s a way to recoup your device if a hacker somehow takes it over. The manufacturer has proof the device is yours no matter what changes a hacker makes to it.

It’s also an essential step if something breaks later and it’s still under warranty.

Pro tip: Skip the extended warranty. Most problems pop up when you’re still in the initial (free) coverage period.

Connect the smart way

What’s the first thing you do after setting up a new device? Connect it to your home’s wireless internet. The bad news is every connected device is a potential way in for bad actors. 

I put all my smart stuff on a guest network. If you want to:

Open your router’s admin page and look for a section labeled Guest Network or Guest Networks.

Enable your Guest Network and make sure SSID Broadcast is turned on.

To get to your router admin page, you’ll need the device’s IP address and admin password. Once you’re in your router’s settings, don’t click any options that say something like: “Allow guests to see each other and access my local network.”

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