Jeffrey Epstein‘s alleged accomplice and former employee, Nadia Marcinkova, invoked her Fifth Amendment rights at least 42 times during a 2010 deposition, including when she was asked if she had been on an airplane with the deceased financier and former President Bill Clinton, according to a third batch of court documents released Friday by a federal court. 

During the April 13, 2010, inquiry, Marcinkova was asked if she knew Clinton or Doug Band, who served as Clinton’s right-hand man for years after he left the White House.

“Fifth,” she simply stated, according to the court documents. 


“Have you witnessed improper sexual activity between Jeffrey Epstein and minors, while he was in the presence of Bill Clinton, she was also asked. 

“Fifth,” she once again replied. 

Other names during questioning mentioned were Jean Luc Brunel, the deceased French modeling scout, Glenn Dubin, a hedge fund manager, and Alan Dershowitz, the prominent criminal defense attorney. Marcinkova also pleaded the fifth when asked about those individuals. 

Clinton and Dershowitz have repeatedly denied any wrongdoing or knowing about Epstein’s sexual crimes. 

Marcinkova was also asked if she was aware that Epstein took flights “place to place” to engage in sexual acts with minors. 

Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre has said Marcinkova and former employee Sarah Kellen played key roles in the sex trafficking of minor girls by Ghislaine Maxwell, according to court documents. 

Kellen also invoked her Fifth Amendment rights a number of times during her March 24, 2010 deposition, such as when she was asked if she saw Dershowitz at Epstein’s home or Epstein’s relationship with magician David Copperfield. 

Another document released Friday contained an email from Epstein to “G Maxwell” instructing the recipient to ask the news media to investigate whether Clinton “was ever there. Challenge the press.”