For the first time in 23 years, seven-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady has been able to enjoy NFL games from the comfort of his couch on a weekly basis.

Apparently, the future Pro Football Hall of Famer has developed an appreciation for what NFL fans experience when watching their favorite teams on TV.

During a recent edition of “Let’s Go! with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray,” the former New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback admitted he can see why some NFL fans get p—ed off” while watching a game on TV.


“There’s so much more context when you’re watching, [and] you have this TV, and they show every replay. On the field, you don’t see any of that. You’re seeing everything ground level,” Brady said.


Brady added that fans have “a lot” in front of them when they are viewing a game, whereas players on the field are more “in the moment.”

“I think when you’re a fan, you see obviously a lot, you hear a lot. The commentators are saying a lot. You have the score right there. You have the timeouts listed. Everything’s right there for you. It’s not necessarily like that when you’re a player. You’re just, you’re in the moment.”

Brady is expected to eventually make the move to the broadcast booth and said he is paying close attention to how TV announcers are calling games.

“I’m taking it all in. I’m trying to actually listen to a little bit from a broadcaster standpoint and how they’re calling the game, you know, paying attention more to, I’d say, the broadcasting element of it, the pageantry of it rather than, I would say, the nuances and the technicalities of the game,” Brady said.

The 46-year-old seems to be settling into his retirement and noted he has been prioritizing his health. 

“I haven’t had the stress that I had while I was playing, so that’s allowed me to focus a little bit more on my physical health,” Brady said on the podcast in September. 

He also mentioned that he can now focus on his family. 

“You could prioritize a lot of other things — career, kids, relationships, family, greater good, community.”

Brady also criticized NFL officiating and suggested the league could turn into something that resembles flag football. 

“There’s so many people that want it less and less physical. It’s more like flag football, which is going to be in the Olympics in 2028,” Brady said. “Maybe football goes to flag football over a period of time.”

But Brady did note that he believes the calls referees make tend to “even themselves out over the period of the season.”