Trevor Murdoch has won tag team gold in WWE and in World League Wrestling, and the closest he has come to the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) tag team division is when he and Mike Knox won the Crockett Cup.

Murdoch’s luck could change on Oct. 28 at NWA Samhain when he and Knox take on Blunt Force Trauma with Aron Stevens in a Knights of the Round Table Tables Match. To win the contest, the tag team has to put its opponent through a round table instead of a rectangular one.

Murdoch told Fox News Digital in a recent interview he was “preparing myself for a night of pain.” The two teams have been in the ring a few times leading up to the tag team title match and something screwy has happened whether it be some kind of interference or a disqualification.


“Every time Knox and I are this close, we’re about to win, just like we did at the Crockett Cup, Aron Stevens steps in,” he said. “I’m hoping that, with the tables match, that might kind of deter him a little bit. Take the third man out of the picture.

“Stevie Wonder can see every time we’ve stepped in the ring with them, we’re about to win and Aron Stevens is the deciding factor in all that. So, if you take the non-wrestler out of the wrestling match, I’m pretty sure that the finish would change. You’d have different outcomes as winners. And Knox and I believe we’re the NWA World Tag Team Champions and we should be champions right now. But we’re willing to do whatever we gotta do to get that opportunity and win those titles.”

Murdoch has been in the NWA since 2019. He won the NWA National Heavyweight Championship over Stevens in 2020 and then defeated Nick Aldis for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship in August 2021.

Now, he has a chance to be back on the top of the tag team world. He praised Billy Corgan and the NWA for giving him the opportunity to have a successful few years in the promotion.


“I want to be one of the few grand champions in this business in the NWA. I want to be able to go out there and say that at different points in my career, I was the top man in that field,” Murdoch told Fox News Digital. “On the other hand, too, before I came to NWA I hadn’t had a tag team partner for almost 16 years. 

“The last real tag team partner I had was Lance Cade and everybody knows how I feel about him and what he meant to me and what Lance and I did. We conquered the world on three different occasions. It would mean a lot to not only be an NWA World Tag Team Champion but to be able to do that with Knox, would really be special to me.

“It seems like in my world, nothing comes easy. Like nothing ever comes easy. I don’t care if it’s at my house. I don’t care if it’s with my wife. I don’t care if it’s in the ring. None of it comes easy. And I just realize that’s how life is for me so I don’t let it try to drag me down. I just keep moving forward. Once I see an obstacle, I just run through it and don’t let it stop you especially if you really want it bad enough and Knoxy and I want to be the NWA World Tag Team Champions.”

NWA Samhain will take place at TempleLive at Cleveland Masonic in Cleveland Oct. 28. The event can also be seen on Fite TV.