The warm embrace of Xi Jinping on our soil – with rows of Chinese flags lining American streets and nearly every detail highly choregraphed to avoid offending the Communist dictator during his visit to San Francisco earlier this month – is a fitting metaphor for the Biden administration’s failure to protect the homeland. While our enemies probe and test America’s vulnerabilities, the Biden administration responds with nothing but weakness. It has prioritized comforting our enemies over taking common sense steps to keep the American people and our troops safe. 

Let’s not forget that it was only months ago that China brazenly flew their spy balloon across U.S. soil, collecting intelligence on sensitive sites while the entire world watched the United States of America do nothing. This was a global shame, but only one uniquely visible reminder about the Biden administration’s failure to protect America.

While Russians continue to slaughter innocent civilians in Ukraine, the United States has refused to stop creating wealth for Russia by thoroughly sanctioning its oil and defense industries. The Kremlin now appears to be attempting to take advantage of the lack of leadership to acquire important American assets. In recent weeks, the Czechoslovak Group (CSG) announced the purchase of Visa Outdoor’s gun and ammunition business. 


If this deal goes through, CSG will immediately become a major player in the American ammunition industry despite national security concerns. CSG once sponsored an exhibition in Moscow to help Russian authorities secure European military technologies and has alleged ties to Putin’s circle. This is in addition to concerns that have been raised about CSG’s record of accusations of industrial espionage and violations of the arms embargo to Azerbaijan. CFIUS – a key committee controlled by the Biden administration – has the power to block the deal. However, the Biden administration continues to turn a blind eye to these threats. 

This failure should be unsurprising given that the CCP has been purchasing American assets that are central to our security here in the homeland for years. Farmland, much of it adjacent to U.S. military facilities in the Midwest is now in the hands of the CCP.


Perhaps an even greater threat is China’s control of Tik Tok, which is owned and operated by Chinese company ByteDance. More than 30 million American children have TikTok on their phones. Anyone who knows how China operates recognizes that the CCP will have full access to this data as they see fit. Yet again, Biden continues to sweep this vast threat under the rug, refusing to support banning TikTok and even continuing to promote the app.

This appeasement approach extends to the dangerous situation in the Middle East where they continue to put their heads in the sand in response to acts of war from Iran. While Hamas murders Americans and holds more of our citizens hostage, the Biden administration unlocks $10 billion in assets for the regime that is their largest funder. 

Since October 7th, Iran’s proxies have launched at least 73 attacks on U.S. forces. Meanwhile, the Biden administration’s sporadic retaliatory strikes have failed to establish deterrence while giving a complete free pass to the head of the snake. 

As the world grows more dangerous, the Biden administration only sinks further into retreat. America must wake up to the looming threats on our homeland before it’s too late.