One lucky NFL fan had the trade of a lifetime with NFL legend Tom Brady that resulted in him landing a $1,000 Brady rookie sports card this past Saturday. 

Brady was among an All-Star group of athletes and celebrities who participated in Fanatics’ first “Topps Hobby Rip Night,” which had sports card and memorabilia hobbyists travel to local hobby shops across the country to meet some of the biggest names in the world while getting some awesome opportunities to snag some new rare cards.

Brady was joined by Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin at Wax, Packs and Throwbacks in Linwood, New Jersey, where they interacted with kids and handed out some great trading cards from Brady’s NFL life. Those included cards of wide receivers Wes Welker and Mike Evans as well as tight end Rob Gronkowski. 


But Brady had one of his coveted rookie cards, worth $1,000 he says, that he wanted to give a young fan for a price. Brady wanted his DeVonta Smith Philadelphia Eagles jersey. 

The kid wasted no time taking the jersey off his back and handing it to Brady, who then gave him the card. 


“This is a $1,000 card right there,” Brady said to the fan. ” . . . Keep that card for a while.”

Trading cards like that only age financially with time, so it’s good advice from the seven-time Super Bowl champion. 

Brady wasn’t done making trades that day, though. Comedian and actor Kevin Hart joined Rubin and Brady, along with rapper Travis Scott, at Wax, Packs and Throwbacks to surprise the hobbyists in attendance. 

Being that Hart is a massive Eagles fan, Brady thought it only right to trade him the Smith jersey along with an Eagles hat. Hart accepted it with a laugh. 

Topps Hobby Rip Night was done across 40 states and had other celebrities attend various hobby shops including Jalen Rose, Jayson Tatum, Evan Longoria and Corbin Carroll. 

This was all before Rubin’s REFORM Alliance Casino Night in Atlantic City, New Jersey, which saw even more stars converge on Ocean Casino Resort to raise $24 million for criminal justice reform. Everyone mentioned in the Topps event was present, as well as Kim Kardashian, Jay Z, Matthew McConaughy, Meek Mill and many more.