It wasn’t a Terrell Owens that’s-my-quarterback moment for Micah Parsons, but the Dallas Cowboys standout had a lot of things to say about how people have been bashing his team and quarterback Dak Prescott recently. 

On his weekly podcast “On The Edge with Micah Parsons,” the elite edge rusher called out media outlets for their treatment of the San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles after they both lost on Sunday to erase their undefeated records this season. 

Starting with the Niners, who blew out the Cowboys 42-10 in Week 5, Parsons believes they got a free pass from former NFL player and current sports media personality Emmanuel Acho. 


“I heard a quote, Acho said this, which pissed me off,” Parsons began. “He said, ‘I’m not worried about the 49ers, they were missing Christian McCaffrey. They were missing Deebo Samuel.’ This is what pissed me off about that, OK. They started that game. The Browns were missing Deshaun Watson. They were missing Nick Chubb. They were missing Jack Conklin. They were missing them key factors before the game even started. So, why is it that [the Cowboys] are just scrubs, and we’re nobodies that don’t deserve to be on the field, and we’re just all talk, but there’s 100 excuses for these other teams?”

Parsons has already shown some beef with the 49ers’ versatile receiver in Samuel, who posted a graphic of Parsons saying, “This is who I wanted,” before the Niners’ beatdown on the Cowboys. Parsons went into his comments on Instagram, and the two stars traded barbs with each other. 

Parson responded: “Lol what did you do today fam lol?! But congrats on the win! But don’t put me in this weak a– slide.” Samuel replied, “what did you do is [the] question.”


That bad blood was already there between Parsons and the 49ers, but he called out his NFC East rivals as well in his argument. 

The Eagles fell to the New York Jets in shocking fashion, as Jalen Hurts was picked off three times, which included his final interception that led to the Jets’ game-winning touchdown from running back Breece Hall. 

But Hurts wasn’t dragged around in the media for his performance while Prescott’s three interceptions against the 49ers was talked about extensively in the following days after the loss. 

“I just don’t condone the bashing of Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys and [not] have the same energy for the Eagles,” Parsons explained. “The Eagles were healthy. They had Jalen Hurts. They had their receiving corps. They didn’t have Lane Johnson. I will admit they didn’t have Lane Johnson. … Because I see my quarterback maybe not have the red-zone success but move the ball way better than the Eagles did Sunday night. 

“We want the same energy for everybody. Because there’s a whole bunch of bashing when it’s Dak Prescott but not the same when it’s the Eagles.”

Parsons has some backing for the Eagles argument, too. While they haven’t faced off yet this season, the Cowboys destroyed the Jets at AT&T Stadium in Week 2 of the season, which Parsons brought up. 

“They said we didn’t have a significant win [against the Jets],” Parsons said. “They said we beat a nameless – Zach Wilson – or a team without Aaron Rodgers, all these things. One thing that the Jets did have was Sauce Gardner, D.J. Reed. They were also missing a few other pieces, and they beat the Eagles. But apparently, the Jets aren’t a significant win. They aren’t a good team without Aaron Rodgers, which I said wasn’t true. I’m glad that Zach Wilson is proving people wrong. He just beat a great Eagles team.”

The extra attention on the mishaps of the Cowboys is something Parsons should be used to by now. Much like the New England Patriots, the Cowboys can rub fans of other teams the wrong way. It’s the price of success over the years.

But Parsons is clearly showing that he’s not afraid to wear that star proudly, and anyone that has something to say about the team will be hearing from him shortly after.