It was the end of an era when in 2020 then-six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady departed the New England Patriots after two decades with the organization. The move to Tampa Bay seemed to shock the football community as Brady had become synonymous with the Patriots’ dynasty. 

Now three years later, one rumor suggests that the organization could be saying farewell to another New England icon. 

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio dropped a bombshell rumor during an appearance on “The Rich Eisen Show” on Wednesday, suggesting that the Washington Commanders moves before the NFL trade deadline on Tuesday could signify sweeping changes to come under its new leadership. 


“This is Josh Harris, I think, recognizing that the reset button is going to be pressed at the end of the season,” Florio said of Washington’s decision to deal top pass rushers Chase Young and Montez Sweat to the San Francisco 49ers and the Chicago Bears, respectively.

“The Commanders aren’t winning. I suspect Ron Rivera very much would have liked to have Chase Young and Montez Sweat on the roster for the rest of the year to try and turn this around and get the seventh seed and save his job, but Josh Harris recognizing changes are afoot for the Commanders.”

He continued, “I suspect it’s gonna get blown up after the season, and this is the most tangible sign yet that Josh Harris is eyeballing a future that will be crafted in whatever the owner of the team decides to do by way of team president, team general manager and head coach.” 


Florio then said he believes Bill Belichick could be the end goal for Washington. 

“There’s a little chatter out there about a possible trade of Bill Belichick.” 

The Patriots have not been the same since Brady left for the Buccaneers. This season, they sit at the bottom of the AFC East through Week 8, and things seemingly can still be worse after losing top receiver Kendrick Bourne to a torn ligament in his knee over the weekend. 

His 37 catches for 406 yards and four touchdowns are all team highs. Sitting at 2-6, with somewhat of a challenging schedule still ahead, New England looks as if they will miss the playoffs for the second consecutive season. 

Belichick’s recent struggles in New England, Florio believes, could lead to Washington making a call at the end of the season. 

Only time will tell, but for now Belichick and the Patriots are preparing to host the 3-5 Commanders on Sunday. 

The Associated Press contributed to this report.